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Trip report to Bognor Arcade
« on: 15 September, 2019, 13:12:05 »
Feel free to add all your trip reports to this fine arcade here if you like.

My trip report for saturday 14th September 2019.

Firstly,a massive thanks to Dave and the team for another fantastic day out.

It started badly as I was staying at Wembley and there were no trains into London from my nearest station
which was Wembley Stadium,so I walked to Wembley Central popping into Gregg's on the way lol.
Was besieged with the'just missing the train syndrome'
en route which put me back minus 90 odd minutes.
The day got worse with power supply issues meaning trains were getting stuck ahead of us.
Getting into Bognor,it was a glorious sunny day and things got a lot better from there.

Walking through the door,I was greeted by Dave.
He must have had radar out for me lol😄 and aww Chris greeting with a big hug...I expect nothing less from one of my most valued friends.
Onwards and inwards I saw Geoff127,RicKing,Jackpot bros,Mabby,YeoGlover to say hello.
Also in there was our very own DaddyAl84🙂
We had a quick chat as we do lol.

On the machines,I played quite a few.
I will save the best til last lol.
Firstly I played the Projects as I always do.
Just a few quid in each to see if they did anything.
A quick early jackpot on Hit the Six and Crazy Pays.
Then I ventured onto BFM Party Time with a selection of non jackpot wins.
Stayed in that area for a bit of Rollercoaster, some goes on Casino Crazy clubber,Road Hog,Showtime Spectacular, Big Breakfast,Rovers Return,Gladiators
Viva Las Vegas Six,Project Bullseye.
Back on BFM Party Time again for some more wins,Cops & Robbers and Blue Moon.
All ok but no streaks.
Then I ventured into the family area.
Played on the Elvis coin pusher for a bit.
Won a silver bag with tokens in. Gave it to a kiddie
who was watching me with amazement.
Went on Big Ben which was on the take (sorry Dave).
It was full up as it was dropping but I had to battle with it and the machine was defo the winner here.Just seemed to lose almost every g@mble on it!
Went on Line Up...well,its criminal not to lol.
Battled with Ring the Bell and Celeration.
Had some goes on Tuppenny Nudger.
Went back on Blue Moon and the Projects later on.
Got jackys on all 4 of the Projects eventually and Blue Moon gave me a bizarre streak with loads of random wins in close succession.
Just as I put my phone down,a jackpot Nudge which I filmed with some other wins.
The day ended on some more plays on Line Up.
Over all,I came away a fiver down,which was amazing for all the entertainment I had.
Tbh,with fish and chips and endless amount of free drinks,I was up on the day for all the fun that was had.

My trip back home ran smoothly as far as London.
We got delayed en route to Liverpool arriving 20 late.

My next planned trip will be for the Reelfruits party days at Maidstone and Bognor.
Dave will announce these confirming dates and times etc. Will look forward to those visits.

I have done a Reelfruits Snippets video.
I was planning to do many separate videos and,had I brought both of my phones would have done so!
Here is the link

Hope you enjoy watching.

Thanks for reading chaps.
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Re: Trip report to Bognor Arcade
« Reply #1 on: 15 September, 2019, 14:30:56 »
Nice report Chris. A good day to be had. Wish it was closer to me.
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Re: Trip report to Bognor Arcade
« Reply #2 on: 15 September, 2019, 16:24:20 »
Great write up and result! Would be a dream come true if I could come away only a fiver down lol.

Was worried I had missed an official party day given how many people had headed down and Dave messaging me the other day saying I bet you can’t wait for Saturday. “What?!” Massive moment of panic thinking I’d mixed up the decade party dates! Would of loved to popped down Saturday but got a 4 night holiday at reelfruits booked in October so need to save as much as I can for that.

Been enjoying all the YouTube videos getting my fix in the mean time :)
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Re: Trip report to Bognor Arcade
« Reply #3 on: 15 September, 2019, 18:39:53 »
Great 5 hours in Bognor which for me started slowly with loads of cyclists going down to boxhill and a level crossing at eastergate?? which lasted 11 mins down!!! Fun all the way from there with machines and games like the busy bee ( 3 goes for a £1) which many people played. Saw jpot bro dan amongst other faces and apologies if I didn't say hi as trying to cram playtime to the max.
Best result on the day was gold rush (rio cab)10p £5 which gave super free spins for £20 but there was some struggles esp on the party time 4 player :( ended up around £35 down which is nothing is it haha. Roll on reelfruits party :)  C u there chris!  :)
Distance no object when it comes to playing at reelfruits and Mr P's :)

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Re: Trip report to Bognor Arcade
« Reply #4 on: 16 September, 2019, 16:39:13 »
Great reports chaps and glad you had a good ol day by the sea .had a wedding to.go to and looks like I'm not about for the next party 😕oh well will keep trying to get down there .


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