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« on: 19 March, 2016, 22:54:46 »
i made a visit here today

i only found 2 arcades on near the train station

the only classic machines in there was 1 pinball nudger on 5 pound and 2 tuppeny nudgers

the arcade on the sea front had a classic 50p pull handle but it was turned off but i couldnt get a picture as staff was about

and a snakes and ladders strikes again the old jpm one

1 machine mess up a mpu 5 empire adders and ladders 5 pound 10p i collect a 14.60 bank and it threw out execess 20ps everytime i pressed collect but when i collected the 60p it was empty and the owner couldnt stop it alarming so it looks like the 20p motor had can pop  ;D

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