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Flashback and Geronimo
« on: 22 January, 2018, 19:48:44 »
Have played these Impulse machines in my time, lately was at reelfruits few months back and on the emulator, question is has anybody had a "skill" super bonus (both position 4) at all?? I never seen it
Its once in a blue moon for it to skill on a single position 4 (left side only) as its usually a jackpot from BigShot but I'm sure it must happen.
Must have put 's through the emulator versions and force but zilch.
Silly question I know but hey I'm bored of coronation street!!!
Distance no object when it comes to playing at reelfruits and Mr P's :)

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Re: Flashback and Geronimo
« Reply #1 on: 22 January, 2018, 20:42:15 »
Love Coronrion street...
Rovers Return
As long as it's 20p/10 hehe😄

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