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New Brighton Nr Liverpool
« on: 02 November, 2014, 09:35:48 »
Morning Classic Fruit Nuts! Thought I would share with you a new place I found yesterday, I am a bit like Kev in that I really like my classic arcades and the nostalgia associated as all brings back happy child hood memories spent with family etc. Well yesterday I had some me time! and knew I didn't have enough time for a trip to Reel Fruits but wanted some classic fruit action! so I decided to find a place I had read about called New Brighton on the Wirral Merseyside took me just under an hour to get there and here is my report.

There is a long sea front wall and nice playing fields and art deco beach shelters with benches, then there is a new shopping center with morrisons and costa and a few wine bars etc, then you see an old Art Deco style seafront fašade (undergoing re-generation works at present) with lots of free parking which overlooks the irish sea/river Mersey and port. In the art deco building is an amusement arcade called the Bright Spot and a small funfair, the arcade is big but no old classics the closest being Spyker the biker, anyway I had a bag of coins and decided to play a few, well my luck was in yesterday, now don't shoot me fruit nuts, but I had a go on the beardy one  :o off my first pound coin got a board and go all the way, mega streak 10 win, then had a go on monopoly sit down within 2 pound on board played slots won 10  then further boards and straight in jackpot won 28, then I spotted the over 18's area and had a go again on a beardy machine nothing off a fiver so quit that, then played a machine not seen before it was 50p a go 70jackpot you had to get three clock faces in view to start the feature, put a fiver in this got the clocks and won jackpot plus 18  :P then went on a 500 bar x super or something in the very modern style cab, put 20 in and won 100 at this point decided to walk away very pleased. Decided to have a stroll further along the front and came across an old classic looking chippy and what would you know an amusement arcade attached  :D could my day get any better? well yes, this little arcade was a find  ;D  they had the following machines:

Simpsons in a Blue cab, played a fiver or so through it got nothing and got fired every board nearly first time as well  :-[

Andy Loves Flow had a couple of quid (not really a fan)

Crazy Fruits Small Smiley Cab kept me entertained yeah yeah, oh oh  ;D

Bell Fruit Cops & Robbers (Red Cab no light) put 10 through this got a few boards and wins kept me entertained and came off it after it paid me the 6 jackpot,

The arcade also had, Bar X, Barcrest Frenzy, Revolution, Brainwaves I think that's what it was called? Italian Job, Red hot Roll, they all had a few quid off me but I didn't care after my winnings from the previous place, they had an 18's area and I found a machine I have never seen before, it was called love to streak and was black, white, and red in a in an electrocoin style cabinet, it didn't play well for me no streak no win off a tenner, they also had electrocoin casino the one with cherries and 7 etc had 20 quid and not a sniff so decided enough was enough and headed home, I will probably visit here again and bring my nieces to go on the funfair rides and pushers etc, it is certainly worthy of a visit and I am happy to say that all the machines I played worked fine, only downside was stickers on the machines saying all wins over 2 to be witnessed and please don't use mobile phones whilst on the machines doh!

If you look on the web you can see some pictures of how the Art Deco arcade originally looked and see what used to be inside  ;)

Next time I will get some pictures  8)

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