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Title: Bognor trip report 16th December
Post by: David on 22 December, 2019, 17:24:07
Recently back from a 4 night stay in Bognor. Wished I had more to write but my luck was dreadful lol. The machines clearly werenít happy at me for missing the 10 year party! They gave me my karma alright

I started off on my beloved Colossus which must of just been had big time. It really wasnít doing anything. £6 in I got money belt for £2ish but for the next £30 it wasnít really doing anything. No hidden features, handful of wins not worth taking. After close to £40 in it woke up a bit, got a couple of hidden features paying around a quid inc cash attack for £2. Normally pays much more than that! Finally got the top feature for a flat £4. After a bit more I did manage to get a £16 top and tried a few more quid to see if it had any more life in which it didnít appear to.

Moved onto final front I think it was called. Brilliant sound effects but not one of MDMís best machines in term of game play I thought. All seems way too controlled. Around £30-40 in for 3 flat top features. Nothing in between worth taking. By the time your a tenner in it feels like the only options youíve got is take your bronze shots to win upto a quid or force for the jackpot or top feature which is around due.

Decided to have a few quid in player 3 red white blue without any success followed by a few in golden winner with again no luck.

Then entered the over 18s area at the back where I tried for a board on road hog. Took a wee bit and failed on the MOT which killed me after rejecting the first offer. ďNo bid scrap it!Ē

Then went onto Andys great escape and things didnít improve! Very very very few boards. Woke up a tiny bit but felt it was averaging £15 a board. After £70ish in I did manage to get £30 back. Also had a few quid in hyper hyper whilst passing by trips to the change machine feeding it £1s Andy Capp wouldnít accept. Managed a jackpot after around £3 in. Put them in bullseye for £2.20 back.

At this point my money was fast running out after hardly playing anything or getting some game play which is the sole reason I go. I decided to go onto the crystal maze but again things werenít looking great!

Think I managed 1 board after exchanging a £3 win with a 1 crystal start within £35. 1 spin and dead! I did thankfully manage a jackpot off the reels via a 3rd time hold. Tried a few extra quid to see if itís woken up but hadnít so I decided to move on to red hot ibiza.

Could my luck change?! After around £10 in for a board things werenít looking promising! With a tiny amount of coins left out of £150 I had to take 2 knockouts and managed to get a fiver. At this point I had to call it a day after 3 and a half hours. The way things were going I didnít fancy a trip to the cash machine and blowing the 4 days spending money in a single day.

Certainly a bad day at the office on day one, my worse experience yet but itís just now the cookie crumbles. We all have those days. A tad disappointing I didnít get any real game play but ah well.

Day 2 with around £110 spending money left I decided to play the maygays.

Much much much better in terms of fun. No big wins or profit but actually got to play the game which is what itís all about for me. Played cash is king for the first time ever. Quite a few boards which was a nice change after the crystal maze and Andy Capp £10 version. Seemed a nice soft game which was fair to the player. Think I averaged a top feature for every £8 put in. Had 4 which were all flat fivers. Played trivia pursuit at the same time, no real luck but got some entertainment so Iím happy. Also played donkey kong and fruit explosion. Probably around £30 down there but had a hours of game play playing multiple machines at once so a good result.

Then decided to go in the over 18s at the back again to have another battle with the crystal maze which didnít go too well again. I did manage to get boards at least after £15 or so and finally got to the dome for a jackpot but no repeat unfortunately. Got the gold streak for £16 too but took it all back going for more.

I then decided to go on bullseye and Noelís house party. Bullseye I hate to say was in a absolutely dreadful mood. Noelís house party not great either but would at least give you a board, 2 if lucky within a tenner. Think I must of did around £40 in without bullseye doing anything. Might of got one or two dead boards but wow the machines didn't like me lol. I did end up getting a few jackpots at the end but soon ate it all back and some.

I did also manage to play red hit Ibiza again. Some amazing sound effects in that! Put a fiver in and got the jackpot so happy days there, would loved to played it more but I just didnít have the bank roll.

Unfortunately didnít have any spending money for day 3 and 4 mainly after the luck on day one eating up almost £150 without doing almost anything. My fault probably for staying on the crystal maze after it not boarding after a fiver, same with Andy Capp. Just such fun machines normally when you get to play the game! I did at least enjoy some game play on the £5 Maygays which made the mini holiday worthwhile.

Fingers crossed for 2020! ;D

Apologies it wasnít a more positive report. I just caught them all at the wrong time. Fair play to whoever played them before me (and after me lol)
Title: Re: Bognor trip report 16th December
Post by: geoff127 on 22 December, 2019, 19:03:00
Appreciate we all get bad days david, thanks for your writeup and honesty-- been there myself playing a machine you think is starting well only to find it is just afterplay from a streak and your left in the cold part of the cycle and it just gets worse. Arcades are more likely to have pro punters that know signs that will just force out for a streak no matter what leaving dead machines rather than a casual who will put 3-5 quid in and walk away not knowing it may pay. Daves arcade %ages are fair, you were very unlucky to lose so quick on day one, hope it don't put you off--tomorrows another day fella!  :)
Title: Re: Bognor trip report 16th December
Post by: sulzerned on 23 December, 2019, 09:09:49
A bad few days had david but hope it dossnt happen too often to you. It's why I stopped playing awp machines in the late 80s as I was losing too quickly at 20p play machines that were paying higher amounts but also taking  more back .it's why I generally stick to the 80s retro stuff which lasts a lot longer.
Title: Re: Bognor trip report 16th December
Post by: David on 23 December, 2019, 15:23:31
Iíll be back for sure and next time win the battle lol. Still a brilliant time had none the less, day one could of been better, sooo many classics I still wanted to play! But day 2 was much better thanks to the Maygays giving a good game value wise.

Iíve been to the arcades soo many times so I was way over due a bad day at the office really!