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Title: Now then
Post by: yorkie on 11 January, 2013, 20:57:29
Visit this site fairly often most days and have been here from the start so thought id say a quick hi there late i know.
Anyway im yorkie from norton up in the north east of england not far away from middlesbrough but much to far away from reel fruits and mr p`s have played fruits for over 20 years and spent far to much but have enjoyed gud times in  the process in the pubs arcades e.t.c winning loads of tokens,  and enjoying the posts on here joining in here and there bringing back some nostalgia from back in the day,  and have respect for dave for keeping the classics alive, as you all know a lot of areas in the uk are void of many classics at all and r replaced with deal or no deal, 500 quiders fobts and other rubbish, so just mr p`s and memories live on, i do about 40 minutes away still have 2 amusements at the coast still full with classics in south shields but this defintely is a rarerity as ive been all other seaside resorts all other the uk and not found much left at all.

I have now quit all gambling new years resolution will i last who knows doing ok so far av knocked booze on the head for a month as well gona be a long one as ive said fruities arent what they used to b and have now dreaded 500 hundread machines and fobts so surely a good time to call it a day   anyway look forward to more classic fruit chat and may make a one of exemption from fruites if i ever get to mr p`s one day. :)
Title: Re: Now then
Post by: boom147 on 12 January, 2013, 22:16:48
Hi yorkie mate

im Boom from Belfast

Its amazing how many memories can come flooding back to you when you see or play a machines you havent played in years lol.  Your spot on with the classics dissapearing nationwide as the dond's and fobt are taking over  :(  Thats why im so grateful for the likes of Mr ps because with out the likes of him them machines would most probably be in machine heaven by now.  not at bad time to quit gambling mate as you said but i hope to see you in Mr ps some day and have a great time down memorie lane.  ive been three time's now and have enjoyed every minute of it as im sure you would aswell  :)

Good luck
Title: Re: Now then
Post by: vectra666 on 13 January, 2013, 11:53:22
Hi not sure if I made an introduce me post but same as yorkie been gambling on and off for the last 25yrs+ and yes you can,t beat the old fruits except the odd exception my aviator even that one will disappear in memory lane replaced by another dond clone by astra lol mr p's is a place I,d love to goto but a bit too far. So I,ll have to make do with the emulations to relive my happy days
Title: Re: Now then
Post by: DaddyAl84 on 14 January, 2013, 09:33:58
Hi Yorkie.

Al here, from the West Midlands.

Agree with your comments totally, new machines are dire and simply don't offer any entertainment.

Both Mr P's and Reelfruits are a refreshing change on the highstreet offering good value, fair programs and unbeatable service. Its a shame you are living so far away...though good if you are trying to refrain from playing.

I have been to many coasts hoping to find a classic to play but am always disappointed with the offerings. Even the machines that are there are on poor programs, low percentages and poorly maintained. I am certain everyone can share this same experience.

Hope the new years resolutions are still going strong, just choosing to strat the new year off with this goals shows strength and determination...long may it continue my friend

Title: Re: Now then
Post by: yorkie on 14 January, 2013, 19:25:28
Cheers guys still going strong nearly 2 weeks knocked the booze on the head for month as well many times walked in from a big night out a bit pished and log on to william hill or watever av a 10er then 50 then wake up in morning bad head and much lighter bank account booze and gambling dont always mix f sure,  so its not just the normal fruits to contend with.
Like ive said before would defo like to getto mrp or maidstone land at some point for a 1 of flutter.