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Fruit Machine Chat / Trip to Onetec
« on: 04 July, 2019, 12:37:05 »
Just thought Iíd post a mini report about a trip to Onetec Amusements.

So I left working at Daveís and Iíve ended up back on the Railway. 🚂 so got all my perks of being able to check out arcades across the country!

I finally managed to get upto Middlesbrough to check out this arcade and I must say itís quite a nice little arcade. It also has a cafe in there which serves good quality breakfasts etc at very reasonable prices!

Machine wise I had a walk around and was greeted in the entrance foyer with machines such as Random gold, frenzy, paparazzi, snakes and ladders and a few other games!   All on 10p £5.   Then into the main are you find such classics as original Andy Capp and original Road hog.  What amazing games they played! Had a nice run out of the Road Hog and it was one of the best Iíve ever played!   They also had cops & robbers on tokens which is just an ace game! 

Had nice little sit down on Great escape £5 10p canít beat that game tbh!     Also a rainbow £5 on Rio! The amount of gold pots that came up on that! Always a good game!

They had about 10 £6 token bar xís out there which all seem to play a really nice game too!  People playing them seemed like they were having a good time.  Not games for me really annoyingly unless they are chuzzyíd up haha!

Talking about chuzzy they had 2 chuzzy kit bar xís which set on 84% still played a nice game.  They do the bar x o code and roll in plenty of jackpots!   Donít seem to harsh too! Iím always a sucker for chuzzy kits!

Other games in there included Bell fruits easy streak which I sat on for a £15 red streak.  Party time arena! A fun 2p pusher and a few other £5 bullion bar style games think they were called Solid gold..

They had a £5 10p duff bear guide which played amazing!  Was played all day by people and never really went dead!   Cash lab not a favourite of mine but still had to have a play!  I did have a long session on pink **** 😂 by the end of it was giving jackpots for fun!

Anyone from that area I would recommend this place!  I also ended up going on an evening where the guys from Retro arcade machine were there and they had an extended opening until late with a BBQ so was all good fun!

Fruit Machine Chat / Re: Trip to pagham arcade
« on: 30 May, 2019, 21:09:56 »
Popped down there today for the first time.  Really nice little arcade!  I loved the one armed bandits! They were great fun!   Pagham is a nice little place!

Fruit Machine Chat / Re: Good old Betcom
« on: 25 October, 2018, 20:08:29 »
Tbf we only play them in the pubs as itís probably the best of the worst out there

Fruit Machine Chat / Good old Betcom
« on: 14 October, 2018, 19:36:53 »
Had this happen today!

Fruit Machine Chat / Re: Monte Carlo
« on: 18 July, 2018, 20:00:36 »
Yeah I done £700 or so in Jackpot Party in Chatham and £800 in money mad martians.  Triple 7 games especially communities are also brutal.

Fruit Machine Chat / Monte Carlo
« on: 18 July, 2018, 19:24:04 »
What are people's experiences on this game..

I used to love this compendium.  More when it was 'Vegas Strip'

Now that they've released it or whatever and it's found around arcades and including MR ps I feel the machine is the biggest load of wank I have ever played.

Constantly getting stuck on Poker.  Frequently £60-£100 for a win on £1 stake.  To be binned off on your first gamble. I'm really trying not to be bitter here but I just really want to share my experiences.

Today being an example,

I played X Poker.  Cost a fortune for a first win to be binned off.   Then I get a few wins.  There used to be a box that came up to give you chance of the cards holding on the next credit.   For some reason that never appears anymore so such half the game dry.

Anyway cut a long story short. Took a fortune to get the golden card.  We're talking about £220 or so nearly? If I remember right.    So £10 repeat for each card you guess right.   It gives me a massive... £20.   🙄🙄.   I occasionally get a few bits of the Monte Carlo.  Apparently a game separate to the main games!!  Including a couple of pots totalling about £110?   These went back into the game too!  So we're talking a fair bit of money gone into the game here!!    Anyway bit more cash later! Looking at around £300! It finally dealt me a royal flush!  Finally...   anyway.  Repeat? Nah.... 

And then I move to Bar X 7.    Cutting to the chase on this...  the £100 from poker plus another £250 cash,  a few other pot wins from the Monte Carlo. Totalling about £200.   So looking at nearly £550 lets say through that game.  Not one jackpot on that game either?    What the actual ****?   Where is the game in that.  Just constant spinning until the odd bar or x win comes in or a crappy £6 feature from Monte Carlo....    I just left it in the end.  So anyone in the area want to play it go ahead and I hope you win.

We slate blueprints and g-squared's casino kings in pubs but the electrocoin terminal is always classed as a fair game? It's crap. I'm sorry. Yeah I've done really well a couple of times here and there but lost way more times then I've won.   Done £1k + a couple of tims through that machine.

Why is it you need a ridiculous stake to have a good game on them
Why have they ruined it?  Back in the day it used to play a really good game!

The same happened to poker on the Chatham one too. £400+ for a jackpot.   And on Ghost train.

They've released 2 new games called Clambusters and Wild Rover

I've done £100s through clambusters in the past for nothing but a few **** features.  Never had a jackpot.  But then seems to play better on 25p than a £1. Which is a common thing with electrocoin games.  And wild rover... just a copy of luck o the Irish on blueprints but with a rubbish wild feature.

I've had similar experiences on other terminals in other arcades.   
Apart from the Play 2 win in Victoria which has a vegas strip terminal which plays a very good game and doesn't destroy you if you get caught on it.

Why mess with something that wasn't broke.  Sorry for waffling.  I'm just sick of getting mugged off.

Fruit Machine Chat / Re: KERCHING AMUSEMENTS
« on: 09 March, 2018, 09:16:15 »
Went up there a little while ago. Itís nothing special.

And looks like theyíve now put most of their £25ers back to £5.   The oxo club, gold rush bar xís etc used to be £25 and the rainbow was on £35.

Itís not really got the best selection to warrant a long trip again.

Fruit Machine Chat / Re: Abandoned Wight City arcade.
« on: 18 February, 2018, 18:36:37 »
Has this place been knocked down yet? I heard they was building flats or something on it?  Again this wasnít a bad arcade had a few classics in there.  Pretty sure they had the party games video in there that had a £25 top board £5 slaves!

Fruit Machine Chat / Re: Arcadia Ryde
« on: 18 February, 2018, 18:34:56 »
I didnít mind it too much in there...

But why have they moved into a smaller arcade a few doors down whilst storing the machines in the previous arcade?

Fruit Machine Chat / Re: Sandown Pier
« on: 18 February, 2018, 18:26:45 »
Sadly the pier is an awful place to play.  Many machines in a bad way and they close off the end of it during the winter :(

Fruit Machine Chat / Re: Favorite Empire?
« on: 20 January, 2018, 20:21:30 »
Isnít cash cops coinworld? 🙈

Fruit Machine Chat / Re: Favorite Empire?
« on: 18 January, 2018, 08:13:21 »
Oh football fever I used to love that too!   And big cash machine was a good game too!  Empire did bring out some fun games.  A lot of them wernt anything special but still good to play

Fruit Machine Chat / Re: Favorite Empire?
« on: 17 January, 2018, 15:11:37 »
Apache Gold
Money spinner
Pinball Nudger (agreed, 5p version)

Some empire games were okay.  Not a big fan of their more modern lo-tecs though!

Fruit Machine Chat / Re: £25 jackpots making a come back?
« on: 05 December, 2017, 20:19:41 »
Yeah found a few of these. They seem to play very dry and the lights are so dim.  Not sure why Electrocoin use LED lighting in a lot of their games they can never get them to work properly. Same with the Bar-X extra too

Fruit Machine Chat / Re: What's your favourite mpu4?
« on: 27 May, 2017, 08:22:19 »
Ah colossus that's a good game, but always preferred Big Apple I know they are pretty much clones of each other! Used to have two of them at Thorpe Park, a day wouldn't go by without a play on them!

Fruit Machine Chat / Re: What's your favourite mpu4?
« on: 26 May, 2017, 07:47:14 »
Hard to pick really!

Always loved Nudge Shuffle and big chief! They are two of my favourites and club adders and ladders will always be a favourite for me!

Fruit Machine Chat / Re: Concept games
« on: 05 May, 2017, 21:37:12 »
These have popped up in cashinos round here but you can't play them for real money.. the other 4 blueprint games are always on demo too...   guess it's just there for show

Fruit Machine Chat / Re: Top 5 jpm machines......
« on: 05 March, 2017, 21:43:14 »
Such a tough call this..... very hard to pick favourites as I'm a massive JPM fan

Probably has to be something along the lines of:

1) Red Alert
2) Fastrack
3) Reel Money
4) Casino Crazy (both club and AWP)
5) Aces high

That list would probably change by tomorrow 😂

Fruit Machine Chat / Re: Ever worsening £500 machines
« on: 09 December, 2016, 21:17:12 »
Not going to lie, modern day bookies and arcades £500ers are awful and yeah you may get stung if you play them.

But the ones in Tonbridge are the best you'll play, yeah of course the machine can eat you any machine can but at least you have the fairest B3 ones available  and you also have genuine random S16 machines available.   I have had and seen more £500 jackpots in Tonbridge alone than I have seen / had anywhere else. 

you are not a mug for chasing a £500 if that's what you want to do then go for it, I have chased a few £500s in Tonbridge and most of the time I have ended up having such a great game and a lot of the time ended up on the up. But of course I have been stung aswell but it can't always go your way. 

The £500 games they have available in tonbridge are the best I've ever seen. Whilst there will be haters the amount of people I see come in the arcade win or lose compliment the games and enjoy it.   I see many people come in to play them on low stakes... and my god they are having so much fun with decent wins included.

£500 games are not for everyone but a classic AGC without them would be a huge loss. Tonbridge has many fans of the games and I very rarely see anyone disappointed with the session they had.   You even have people fighting to get in the jackpot slots that's working at the moment and even people queuing haha!   

I understand they are not everyone's cup of tea just like MPU 3 games and other old school games aren't  but I respect everyone's views and I'm sure mine will be respected too.

Fruit Machine Chat / Re: Dreamland Arcade Margate
« on: 24 October, 2015, 08:49:37 »
Must admit when I popped my head in there those games were getting a lot of attention and interest from people!

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