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Bognor Regis / Re: Trip report to Bognor Arcade
« on: 08 February, 2020, 16:23:32 »
Wow! Yet Another fantastic day.

But firstly,thanks massive to Amelia and Dave.
Such perfect hosts as always.
The machines were in a happy mood too.
So where do I start?
On Project 8 Times cash.
Yes! I ventured into the big boys room first
since I missed the opportunity last time round.
Changed 40,and got up to 42 in the bank.
Played pretty well. Loads of 3 holds.
Did a short video later on during play.
Next was Max a Million.
Managed a few wins after a cruel g@mble
but played pretty decent after that.
Video also on my youtube channel.
Next I attacked all the project machines.
I can safely say I got jackpots on all of them.
Videos uploaded.
Then I went onto Line Up for another video lol.
Played Moneybelt that gave me 5.60 on the cash trap feature after all the repeats.
Other machines played include
Road Hog,Blue Moon,Astra Celebration,BFM Partytime
Pink Panther,Tuppenny Nudger and Viva Las Vegas 6.

Got a gruelling trip back now!
Why does time fly when I'm enjoying myself!

Bognor Regis / Re: Trip report to Bognor Arcade
« on: 08 February, 2020, 09:45:55 »
On my way down for another top day.
Currently on the train.
I have to change at Hove as there are
no direct trains from London Victoria today!
Should get there for around half 11.
Trains back are disrupted too as I have to change
at a place called Littlehampton?

Full reports later.

Fruit Machine Chat / Re: Tyne pier amusements 1983
« on: 30 January, 2020, 20:22:40 »
Cannot beat the sounds in those arcades.
Some dodgy dealing going on in there?
I'd love to create similar sounds in my games room
if I can get more than 3 to play along with me  on my lot lol😁

Fruit Machine Chat / Re: 10 Year Party extravaganza
« on: 09 December, 2019, 02:54:13 »
Hope you have an excellent time David.
and more importantly, some trip/play reports lol.

Fruit Machine Chat / Re: 10 Year Party extravaganza
« on: 02 December, 2019, 17:14:33 »
Nice trip report Al.

The day started off on a promise
but it did go quiet after dinner.
I was asked by someone to turn the
music right down as I think he was
trying to do a video of a machine which
was near one of the speakers.
I informed Dave of this and he says  it's not
even loud. After seeing who it was i was told to
leave it as is.
I'm sure we had some undesirable players there tbh.
Gamblers only there to take as much as they can win.

I think Reelfruits is a lovely arcade and would hate to hear of any abuse by players only there on the grab!
We only play for the amusement and have no woes in losing as we always get a fair game.
The fact I won 50 on colourama,I told Dave
"I promise I am going to spend this at the arcade"
I actually changed the notes to coins and went on some machines I dont usually bother with just to spend it.
The most important thing of all was I enjoyed it because of what it is.

I think the only one that lost on the day was Dave tbh.

Which is very sad,but he is committed to what he does.
And he does his best so that we enjoy it.
On the train back to Bognor saturday night,i could see
he was so exhausted.
And we talked about the future and Bognor which was his big dream that he Hope's will be the success he deserves. I so hope so mate.
As Carly Simon once sang....
Nobody does it better comes to mind.

You have all our Hope's and best wishes.

Fruit Machine Chat / Re: 10 Year Party extravaganza
« on: 02 December, 2019, 00:34:18 »
Ok,what else can I say about today
you ain't already heard before?

The party day at Bognor Regis started of very well
for me.
After what I thought was a great breakfast at Spoons.
We opened the arcade bang on time to waiting nudgers outside and the buzz began.
Met up with a few familiar faces and some new ones who seemed to recognise my voice from my YouTube channel lol.

Played on lots of machines as per usual and did a couple of vids and clips which are now uploaded.

Got around 64 streak on Blue Moon.
Had jackpot holds on Hit the Six.
Line Up proved very entertaining too as per clips in one of my videos lol.

Had around 40 of tokens in my pocket at one stage
from the Projects.

Some other games I played were viva Las Vegas Six.
Had an end of feature repeat twice.
Andy's Great Escape which played surprisingly good on
20p/10 and managed an early jackpot.
Got to end feature on Rovers Return  for a Jackpot + 3
on a short session.
BFM Party Time gave me quite a few balloon bonuses
mostly 3 repeaters and one jackpot.
Played on Tuppenny Nudger,Rollercoaster,both dead tbh.I think Coaster had a hiding earlier!
Played Nudge Bonanza again.
Love this quaint game set on 10p/6 that plays quite fair.
Big Shot and Grab the Bank were also played.
Played Hawii for the first time as well. the Elvis Pushers that had me humming to some of the tunes.
So i had about a tenners worth of fun and won a bag of tokens cotaing 3.20 lol.
It was my intention to go into the big boys area a bit later in the day as I spotted a Project 8 Times cash in there which came from Newport,and i loved playing that one back there .
But I became ill early in the afternoon.
Without going into graphic details,I had to run to the railway station early and only just made the toilet.
It sounds funny now but i was in there for about half hour and only just got my train.
So,sorry for my rapid exit Dave.

That aside though,i had a fantastic day that ended a
most momentous weekend all in all.
I'd like to say a massive public thank you for this weekend,its been 'reel' fun and so glad I was abled
to attend.
Feeling a lot better now,but I have starved myself for it.
Should be back to 100% after some sleep.

I dont know how Dave does it,but he does and good on him and Amelia for all the enjoyment they provided for us fruit nuts out there.

On a final note for the weekend.
Chatham I always thought wouldn't be my bag tbh,but was pleasantly surprised with the games i played which all played pretty good.
Reelfruits has been a long time favourite,and it was nice to still play some 80s games there amongst all my favourite 90s etc.
It was fantastic to be back after a long overdue visit.
And finally to Bognor,by far the best arcade in the UK as it has a bit of everything.

I'm trying to persuade Dave to work on an SRU machine which will be so right for a seaside arcade as well as another one or 2 mpu3s hint hint🤗

Anyway,thanks again team. You are amazing🤗

Btw,it was lovely to see Amelia for the first time over the weekend parties.
Both Amelia and Dave right on top of things

Fruit Machine Chat / Re: 10 Year Party extravaganza
« on: 01 December, 2019, 02:52:22 »
Another amazing day today.
It was the turn of Reelfruits.
Wow! Cannot believe how quick the
day went,it was fun.
Nice to meet so many people and some
of our forum members who braved the
early starts for a great time at the arcade.
We even got DJ lineup to spin some tunes🤗

I managed to do a load of videos which
are now uploaded for your enjoyment.

I started playing later rather than sooner
having other things to do lol.
But I played most of the usual suspects
that i always go for
First was Nudge Nudge Wink Wink.
Having played the mpu5 version the day
before,i  ventured onto the original mpu4
for 2 early jackpots.
Played on Nickelodean,JPM Five Liner
Project Sevens above,Jackpot 7s,777 Heaven
Match of the day,Open the box,Road Hog,Adders
& Ladders,Only Fools and Horse,Showtime Spectacular
Big Bucks,Andy Capp,Big Brother,Super Streak mpu4,
Astra Celebration, Bullion Bars,Magic 10,Bar X Ten
Sevens & Melons,Red Hot Roll,Vegas Nights,Hot Rod
All played fairly.
Super Streak offered me a jackpot first go and gave me a red streak for about 16 shortly after..
Won 50 quid on colourama wheel which was amazing 🤗
Had lovely curry n chips and the drinks kept flowing,and Dave as usual running round like a headless chicken lol😆
Such a perfect host,but hey....
We already know this👍👍👍

Our train journey back to Bognor turned into a near nightmare with our train missing our connection
at Tonbridge due to late running!
We had an amazing chat on the train which made the time fly tbh.

Third party tomorrow(today lol) at Bognor.
So looking forward to this one too.
Will do another write up later on my way home.
If you can make it,you wont be disappointed 🤗

Happy nudging chaps😊

Fruit Machine Chat / Re: 10 Year Party extravaganza
« on: 30 November, 2019, 07:43:32 »
Have a safe one mate.
Me and Dave are just about to stuff
ourselves silly with an all you can eat
Premier Inn brekkie....yum yum

Fruit Machine Chat / Re: 10 Year Party extravaganza
« on: 29 November, 2019, 23:51:24 »
Well...just had the rest of the afternoon
at Mr P's Chatham after my rail trip down
which ran pretty smoothly.

Met up with Kingy and Jackpot Bros Dan
there,and the place seemed happy and Dave
looking after everyone as usual🤗

Met Jade for the first time who was working there
and I must say,she seems very enthusiastic and helpful.
She even talked me into getting my laptop out to
play some tunes after Dave told her I was tomorrows DJ!....well,how could I resist lol😆

Played on a few machines in between too.
No1 was Line Up.
I did a video too and is available to watch on
my youtube channel.

Next was Nudge Nudge Wink Wink.
Someone had left a pair of red 7s after a Nudge
so I got a surprise jackpot first go.
Video of that one as well.
Tried my luck on Gold Rush,Astra Celebration
Jackpot 7s,777 Heaven,Golden Keys,Crazy Fruits
with limited success.
Biggest quick wins was on Party time Double Decker.
Played it on 50p play and it soon gave me a top reels
feature for a fast 43.
Went on to Black and white,but no success on that one.

In the meantime,Ricking was hitting Line Up jackpots  a many with some advice and help from me lol.

Played some tunes for a few hours.
Cannot believe how fast time went.

Think I broke even by the time we left.
But had loads of fun.

Looking forward to tomorrow for
Gonna be so epic.

Hope you all have a safe trip down.
and see ya all tomoz .🤗

Fruit Machine Chat / Re: 10 Year Party extravaganza
« on: 28 November, 2019, 15:22:39 »
Not long for my trip now.
So looking forward to Reelfruits
and Bognor.
Hoping to do some vids too.
Hope you all have a safe trip down.
DJ LineUp will be at Reelfruits on Saturday
spinning some tunes.

Gonna be epic.

Fruit Machine Chat / Re: 10 Year Party extravaganza
« on: 11 November, 2019, 15:50:44 »
Just got my train tickets.
So looking forward to this trip.
Still need to get hold of DJ lineup!
I'm sure he won't disappoint.

Let's start getting this place buzzing
with anticipation for what will be
an epic weekend for everyone that
can visit.
Bring it on chaps🤗

Fruit Machine Chat / Re: 10 Year Party extravaganza
« on: 07 November, 2019, 11:55:04 »
Sounds very exciting.
Defo not to be missed.

I am planning a trip to Maidstone
and to Bognor parties.
Just need to book some tickets.
Probably over the weekend.

Wonder if I can persuade DJ line up to come?
You know what he's like.
Mad for tunes lol😄😄😄

Fruit Machine Chat / Re: Arcades with pub percentages
« on: 04 November, 2019, 10:07:45 »
All sounds a bit fishy to me.
Best idea...dont play.

Fruit Machine Chat / Re: Coral island on fire !
« on: 26 September, 2019, 02:44:23 »
The place should have burnt to the ground.
My son won money out of a BarX7 that
IOU alarmed when he collected.
The rats wouldn't pay him out as they said he should
have called them over first before collecting.

Bognor Regis / Trip report to Bognor Arcade
« on: 15 September, 2019, 13:12:05 »
Feel free to add all your trip reports to this fine arcade here if you like.

My trip report for saturday 14th September 2019.

Firstly,a massive thanks to Dave and the team for another fantastic day out.

It started badly as I was staying at Wembley and there were no trains into London from my nearest station
which was Wembley Stadium,so I walked to Wembley Central popping into Gregg's on the way lol.
Was besieged with the'just missing the train syndrome'
en route which put me back minus 90 odd minutes.
The day got worse with power supply issues meaning trains were getting stuck ahead of us.
Getting into Bognor,it was a glorious sunny day and things got a lot better from there.

Walking through the door,I was greeted by Dave.
He must have had radar out for me lol😄 and aww Chris greeting with a big hug...I expect nothing less from one of my most valued friends.
Onwards and inwards I saw Geoff127,RicKing,Jackpot bros,Mabby,YeoGlover to say hello.
Also in there was our very own DaddyAl84🙂
We had a quick chat as we do lol.

On the machines,I played quite a few.
I will save the best til last lol.
Firstly I played the Projects as I always do.
Just a few quid in each to see if they did anything.
A quick early jackpot on Hit the Six and Crazy Pays.
Then I ventured onto BFM Party Time with a selection of non jackpot wins.
Stayed in that area for a bit of Rollercoaster, some goes on Casino Crazy clubber,Road Hog,Showtime Spectacular, Big Breakfast,Rovers Return,Gladiators
Viva Las Vegas Six,Project Bullseye.
Back on BFM Party Time again for some more wins,Cops & Robbers and Blue Moon.
All ok but no streaks.
Then I ventured into the family area.
Played on the Elvis coin pusher for a bit.
Won a silver bag with tokens in. Gave it to a kiddie
who was watching me with amazement.
Went on Big Ben which was on the take (sorry Dave).
It was full up as it was dropping but I had to battle with it and the machine was defo the winner here.Just seemed to lose almost every g@mble on it!
Went on Line Up...well,its criminal not to lol.
Battled with Ring the Bell and Celeration.
Had some goes on Tuppenny Nudger.
Went back on Blue Moon and the Projects later on.
Got jackys on all 4 of the Projects eventually and Blue Moon gave me a bizarre streak with loads of random wins in close succession.
Just as I put my phone down,a jackpot Nudge which I filmed with some other wins.
The day ended on some more plays on Line Up.
Over all,I came away a fiver down,which was amazing for all the entertainment I had.
Tbh,with fish and chips and endless amount of free drinks,I was up on the day for all the fun that was had.

My trip back home ran smoothly as far as London.
We got delayed en route to Liverpool arriving 20 late.

My next planned trip will be for the Reelfruits party days at Maidstone and Bognor.
Dave will announce these confirming dates and times etc. Will look forward to those visits.

I have done a Reelfruits Snippets video.
I was planning to do many separate videos and,had I brought both of my phones would have done so!
Here is the link

Hope you enjoy watching.

Thanks for reading chaps.

Bognor Regis / Re: Meet Polly!
« on: 18 August, 2019, 11:22:47 »
Gotta love the Parrots and all those phrases.
Proper retro fun that is sadly missed at every
seaside arcade....except Bognor of course🤗
Hope they are a massive success Dave.

Bognor Regis / Re: Meet Polly!
« on: 17 August, 2019, 16:21:09 »
And me🤗
Nice work Dave.

Fruit Machine Chat / Re: Trip to pagham arcade
« on: 27 May, 2019, 20:36:06 »
Looks pretty cool there Nick.

Bognor Regis / Re: Visit to Bognor 20th April
« on: 20 April, 2019, 19:42:21 »
Sounded like a fun day...
Only to be expected Phil
As it's the best seaside arcade
in the universe😁😁😁

Thanks for posting on your visit👍

Bognor Regis / Re: 13/4/19 bognor trip report
« on: 13 April, 2019, 23:59:10 »
Two videos from today chaps.

Fancied doing more vids but the songs playing in the background were a bit loud tbh and
cause copyright law issues when uploading videos
onto YouTube as you need a licence to broadcast and have copyright permision to upload.

If I'm honest,I think I'd prefer much lower music and higher volumes on the machines for the natural
arcade sounds,especially with some machines having attract mode sounds as well.
Here's where that parrot comes in lol.
And place your bets type machines etc.
I suppose that's why I do commentary on my vids.
To block songs playing in the background.

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