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Introduce yourself / Re: Newbie
« on: 07 November, 2016, 20:29:31 »
Thanks once again for the very warm welcome everyone. Hopefully I will be able to speak with you all @ one of the birthday bashes / opening. Definitely worth the trip!

We took the kids to Blackpool yesterday as it was the last day of their illuminations. We thought we'd visit the Tower Circus & Jungle Jims. We also stopped off at 4 arcades excluding Coral Island. I managed to find about 8 games altogether but 3/4 of the bulbs where out :-( Fun Land had about 6/8 games upstairs that wasn't even switched on. I think they may be broken or getting sold? 1 of the games was hi spirits though. I managed to have a little dabble today on an Adams Family #whataripoff Lol

Chris I will definitely be in touch thank you.

Introduce yourself / Newbie
« on: 02 November, 2016, 21:11:26 »
Evening Folks, I didn't know where to start with this introduction so please be patient. My mum introduced me to playing fruit machines. My earliest memories was watching her playing games like win-a-gain, rat race & Smash & Grab at Butlins Minehead. Back home she then started to enjoy going to a local arcade which had many of the bell fruit, Cloud, Jester & bar x token machine games. Some Saturdays I would have to go shopping with her which ended up watching for an hour or 2 and so over time I started to get the bug & play the machines myself.

One of the 1st games I enjoyed playing was a pontoon or hi/low game called Deal Em. It was really great to gamble all the way up to the jackpot. Then I moved onto feature games like HiLo Silver, Match of The Day, Silver Shadow, Ten Out Of Ten, Hi Roller & Andy Cap to name just a few. Then over the years a big jump to games like Jewel In The Crown ,Battle axe, Wipeout, Grid Runner, Revolution, Big Bucks, Big Banker, Indiana Jones, Monopoly, Jackpoteers, Adams Family, Party Animal, Snakes n Ladders, Big Wheel, Casino Crazy, Pie Factory & Roller Coaster Lol

When I was around 14/15 I also started playing pool, snooker & darts in 2 local men's clubs. Being tall for my age along with having friends who were 3, 4 & 6 years older than me which really helped in playing machines like Cops & Robbers, Public Enemy, Hyper Viper
Super Blackjack, Premier Club Manager & Crown Jewels. Some great memories with the lads those years. There is a couple of club games that I can't remember names of unfortunately. 1 machine was like a roller coaster / funfair top feature & the other machine had like a matrix feature that you had to line up. 1 line would go up while the other line went across at the same time, very fast may I say. Still today I can't even remember the companies who made either of them but they were both great machines to play.

Move on 10 years and I finally drop the biggest Jackpot of my life & meet my wife in the very arcade that my mum took me many Saturday morning would you believe. Anyway thanks for being patient reading my sad life story / introduction but that's how I came about this forum & visited the ReelFruits 4th year birthday party In Maidstone & Mr Ps in Tonbridge. Dave, Amelia, Ruby, lineup chris, yorkie & boom147 made my wife and I very welcome over the weekend. So For anybody who enjoyed playing proper fruit machines in their youth like myself & your looking for a great weekend / day out. You won't be disappointed paying these amusements a visit any time of the year, I'm sure you will be made to feel very welcome & will definitely enjoy that buzz once agin playing fruit machines how they should be played!

Dave I really liked the different set up in both amusements. If you could just manage another Big Bucks, Monopoly, Indiana Jones, Big Break & Snakes N Ladders to join Sonic, Roller Coaster & Big Wheel on that back wall & Hyper Viper, Premier Manager & Crown Jewels into the middle I think you would have the full house mate. Thanks once again for a great weekend Steve sorry Dave :-) Already looking forward to coming back asap mate.

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