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Introduce yourself / Re: Like a kid in a sweet shop!
« on: 17 September, 2012, 17:11:05 »
Had to come on here & tell any potential visitors to Mr P's what a great experience I had today.

Moved back to Kent (Gillingham) last week after an 11 year exile in Coventry & have started work in Gravesend.  I'd visited a couple of small arcades in Gillingham/Chatham & been very disappointed (as is usually the case nowadays)- no oldies, no customers, grumpy staff etc.  As a result, I'd already walked past Mr P's once, on my way home from work, without bothering to go in, however, when walking past today I noticed the window display had a couple of reels from Andy Capp & Road Hog in the window.  I paused to peer through the window as I finished my cigarette & noticed an old favourite of mine, Cops'N'Robbers...  I couldn't throw my cigarette away quick enough!  I walked in & my eyes lit up at the sight of rows of machines I remembered from playing 'back in the day' & barely knew where to start!

I probably recognised 80%+ of the machines in there (& was overjoyed when I saw one of the old ACE 'Watch for my hidden treasures' games- Open The Box).  That series of ACE games were definitely my favourites, my all-time favourite being 'Camelot', hence my alias.  Within a minute of entering the arcade I was offered my 2 free plays, & an hour or so later got the chance to play an 'in-house' bonus game which won me TWENTY pounds worth of free plays!  I was playing another old favourite, Roller Coaster, & tried the old forcing tactics & at one point was 30 down.  I took a trip to a cashpoint & on the way back thought to myself, if someone had approached me & said, "Pay me 30 & I'll give you the opportunity to play all of these golden oldies", I would've paid him the money there & then!  The bloke working there assured me that if I persisted with Roller Coaster my patience would be rewarded, & sure enough, a short while later I got the top feature which paid me a healthy 60, leaving me in profit.

The service the bloke gave me was first class (apologies if you're reading this mate- I'm terrible with names!) & we chatted for hours about favourite machines, hidden tricks, our gambling experiences, etc, & there was a regular supply of free coffee & pop without me ever having to ask.  It was without doubt, my most enjoyable gambling experience in the last 20-odd years.  Every machine worked perfectly, the payout %'s seemed as good as I'd ever experienced before, & if I'd had the opportunity I'd still be there now, a good 11 hours after walking through the door!

I really can't speak highly enough of the place & the genuinely friendly service I experienced there.  It's quite obviously run by someone who loved playing the machines just as much as I did, if not more, and trust me, that really is saying something!!  I'm gutted I'm working so many hours over the next couple of days as I really can't wait to get back there.

I can assure you that absolutely everything this site claims is 100% true.  Believe the hype people!  If you're a lover of 80's/90's machines you HAVE to do whatever you can to pay Mr P's a visit because I can guarantee YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!! ;D


Yes you are preaching to the converted here Mr'ps must be the best arcade in the country and lucky you working in Gravesend, I get to visit once a year and that visit is now only 7 days away as i will be there on Monday 24th somewhere about 10:45 to 11:30 for a few hours
I hope Dave will be there so i can have a nice chat with him again and to play on all them machines including my fave Fortune Weel


Cliff C

Introduce yourself / Re: Hi!!!!!!
« on: 20 April, 2011, 11:02:28 »

I am cliffc from the old forum and infact most forums i am a member of unfortnately due to an issue with the regestration process (PM sent to a admin about this) I had to use my twitter account to sign up so here i am cliffc100, I am also the same cliffc who runs the repro (quick plug coming up here) http:\\ its a simple site but has lots of fruity recources there, I also work with PC's for my day job so feel free to ask any PC related questions should you have any.

And the new forums are great well done on the new forums.


Cliff C

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