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Bognor Regis / Re: Live stream from last night.
« Last post by David on 14 May, 2019, 10:45:59 »
One from Spa too

Gutted to see it looks as if silver skies has gone! Would of loved to have a good old long session on that! Think the downfall on that was the coin slot was so high so kids favoured other pushers instead.
Bognor Regis / Re: Live stream from last night.
« Last post by David on 14 May, 2019, 10:35:08 »
Cheers for sharing. Thought Iíd add these to this thread too. Absolutely love the live streams from Bognor Mr Pís
Bognor Regis / Re: Visit to Bognor 20th April
« Last post by sulzerned on 22 April, 2019, 18:14:04 »
Great report Phil know that feeling well when I drag the missus into an arcade and have to restrict my time in them when shes with me.
Bognor Regis / Re: Visit to Bognor 20th April
« Last post by yorkie on 21 April, 2019, 17:30:07 »
Nice report.   Sounds a good day a great seaside experience 👍🏻
Bognor Regis / Re: Visit to Bognor 20th April
« Last post by GMan on 21 April, 2019, 15:48:41 »
Was there myself yesterday and yes it was Kin hot in there :)
Spent a couple of hours playing and had a few jackpots on various machines and was great to see some Pinball machines which I gave a bash 👍
Was good too see Dave and as usual had his head buried in non working machine 👋
Bognor Regis / Re: Visit to Bognor 20th April
« Last post by geoff127 on 21 April, 2019, 07:42:19 »
Nice to read reports like this--I was there 4 hours but even that's not enough time!!
Can see the weather being a major factor--Once aircon fitted, it will be perfect.
Can imagine the heat generated from the machines making it rather sweaty betty with the humidity of the seaside--Brighton pier is like that, not nice.
But you just cannot beat the feeling of seeing and playing more of your classics from a era that we will not see again.
Bognor Regis / Re: Visit to Bognor 20th April
« Last post by lineup chris on 20 April, 2019, 19:42:21 »
Sounded like a fun day...
Only to be expected Phil
As it's the best seaside arcade
in the universe😁😁😁

Thanks for posting on your visit👍
Bognor Regis / Visit to Bognor 20th April
« Last post by Pick A Win on 20 April, 2019, 19:27:25 »
Hi fellow fruit nuts, just got back to Braintree from a brief but brilliant visit to Bognor, I had my wife, father in law and dog with me for the day out hence the limited 3 hour visit, Bognor was very busy funfair in the esplanade and the sun shining, sadly I think this led to a lack of footfall for the arcade today, however there were at least 15-20 customers whilst I was there, wow what a collection there is, my father in law played the 2p pushers and he said I donít remember them being this good fun! I played on blue moon! Got a nice token and cash run for my initial outlay of £20, had jackpots on James Bond after first £3 and Dr who first board straight to tardy for super jackpot repeater x2 then had a few quid on bingo belle got a full house within £5 played Chrystal maze next had a great time took a few quid back, had £10 on spinwall got a feature for £10 then Indiana Jones got in the arc for a £26 win, played a few quid in Andy Capp, revolution, smash and grab, Vegas nights, pushers and the bear cut game outside, I heard a few customers saying ooh I remember this game and one guy said to me I am here at butlins for the weekend and my mates have gone on the ****, I am staying in here as the other arcades are shite! I saw Dave and had a brief chat nice to see him smiling and he pleased with things but he was gutted about how hot it was in the arcade that combined with lovely weather he said has kept people out, however he is having aircon fitted next week at considerable expense. I can honestly say this place is the dogs bollocks in seaside amusements, i just need at least 2 days to have a decent play on everything 😂
Bognor Regis / Re: 13/4/19 bognor trip report
« Last post by The graham on 14 April, 2019, 23:21:42 »
:) in fairness theres some decent games in the newer over 18s section. It has the red alert, Camelot, king of and a few 25 crests. Theres the top slot 3 player and party time player and a decent few 25ers like the nudge wink. Not forgetting the £6 roll.

Yep theres a few 500s and newer games too. I haven't played them yet but theres still a decent classic lineup even in this newer area!

I'm hoping to make it there next Friday if anyone is gonna be about. Bognor is great for me. I need at least an 8 hour block to get any decent playtime in maidstone and that's really rare for me so I haven't been able to make it there for well over a year.

I've made it an hour to bognor 3 times already. Time I'd have probably spent taking a punt in the local arcades.
Bognor Regis / Re: 13/4/19 bognor trip report
« Last post by yorkie on 14 April, 2019, 22:44:04 »
Sounds like a great day.  Sounds like the arcade is coming on well, will only get busier as the weather warms up. Just a shame such a distance all good either way 👍🏻
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