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Re: Advice please
« on: 03 September, 2018, 21:28:01 »
Hi Robbie

Firstly welcome to the forum and secondly apologies that you have not been answered yet !

Ok the mpu6 will need a battery change, very common and it can be done yourself - however once done you may need to update the software, which is easily done by a usb stick and I can send you the software for that machine no problem

The coin mech can be updated by a load of places, but if your happy or would prefer to send the Mpu and mech to somewhere like e service then they will do that for you and give you a warranty etc

I would happily do it myself but we are mega busy!

Your note acceptor will most likely be the one with little switches rather than the nv10usb with a red button - if it is the older nv8/nv10 std version with dip switches then sadly it cannot be updated for the polymer note.

I hope this helps and any further advice I can give please feel free to ask

Mr P


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