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Re: Now then
« on: 14 January, 2013, 09:33:58 »
Hi Yorkie.

Al here, from the West Midlands.

Agree with your comments totally, new machines are dire and simply don't offer any entertainment.

Both Mr P's and Reelfruits are a refreshing change on the highstreet offering good value, fair programs and unbeatable service. Its a shame you are living so far away...though good if you are trying to refrain from playing.

I have been to many coasts hoping to find a classic to play but am always disappointed with the offerings. Even the machines that are there are on poor programs, low percentages and poorly maintained. I am certain everyone can share this same experience.

Hope the new years resolutions are still going strong, just choosing to strat the new year off with this goals shows strength and determination...long may it continue my friend



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