Author Topic: Nice to see all the old games still being played and collected  (Read 2955 times)

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Yep. Me and fruit machines go back
a long way!
I used to be an apprentice  silk screen printer.
And we printed bus advertisements. T. shirts
Fruit machine glasses and reel bands mostly for JPM
Flyers and sale boards for shops.

On Fruit machines when I first started we were printing
Eachway Nudgers, Nudge Double Up and deluxe versions
Lite a Nudge which were all SRU'S.
Eachway Shuffles and Lucky 2s by the 1000s.
We went onto Supa Stepps, Nudge Shuffle, Clickity Click
Frog it, Fruit Snappa. Kick a which were sys80s.
We did some Maygay stuff as well like Cash or Nudge, Bust out
and Link3 which were all triple m tech.
We also did clubbers and machines for the European market.

It was a great job and I got to learn all the reels as well😊
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